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Taken in by the ‘Leash’

I understand I'm not the only one who took it seriously.

Thanks for the April Fools piece on the “RF Leash.” I understand I’m not the only one who took it seriously.

I don’t know anything about particle physics, really, but it wouldn’t surprise me if such a particle existed that could do what the article claims, because good antenna design does perform like a “leash.” A good antenna system performs as if there were such a phenomenon.

Wouldn’t it be cool, though, if we could harness the vector energy in magnetic waves? It would be possible to invent super-precise radio waves that could target an audience, or be used to communicate efficiently in space over long distances. I know lasers and masers attempt to do this, but their energy is still not as cohesive as they could be.

I always thought gravity modulation would be an effective radio source; if one could manipulate the gravity modulation of an entire planet or solar system, imagine how far you could transmit!

Marvin Walther
Chief Engineer
Carroll Broadcasting
Tawas City, Mich.