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Thank You, Bernie

Thanks to Bernie Wise of Energy-Onix for having the fortitude to speak out against IBOC.

Thanks to Bernie Wise of Energy-Onix for having the fortitude to speak out against IBOC (“A Vote of No Support,” March 24 Letters). Bernie skipped the NAB Show this year to protest the way things are headed technically. Other manufacturers should do the same. Mr. Wise has been in the business of manufacturing equipment longer than many of your readers have been alive. He has seen a lot of changes and adapted to them. However, when he says there’s a problem, I believe him.

I have been using an Energy-Onix transmitter for the past 12 years and have had a few opportunities to talk to Bernie when ordering parts or making a repair (although it hasn’t happened often because it’s a great transmitter). We have discussed IBOC a time or two. Bernie will tell you there are other ways to achieve a digital signal, methods that are much less complex and much less expensive.

I can’t believe so many broadcasters are willing to adopt a technology that requires them to pay for its invention. The current IBOC system is the equivalent of Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb, selling it to you, then charging you a licensing fee to use it! It’s ridiculous. If it’s a great technology, iBiquity would make a big profit with it because we’d all be flocking to use it. This apparently is not the case.

Let’s hope the FCC is smart enough to see that it would be a huge mistake to endorse any particular manufacturer by requiring use of its product.

My 40 years of experience in the industry tells me the broadcast world would be a better place if everyone spent more time worrying about content and less time worrying about the technology through which it is delivered. Analog FM sounds great and delivers a big signal over a large area much more efficiently and economically than IBOC ever will. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Maynard R. Meyer
General Manager/Engineer
Madison, Minn.