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The Cart Before the IBOC Horse

Am I missing something here?

Am I missing something here? It seems to me the National Radio Systems Committee is putting the cart before the horse (“NRSC Adopts IBOC Measurement Guide,” May 20).

The text of the article even admits “the FCC has not yet adopted technical standards for IBOC.” So if the FCC has not developed technical standards, how in the hell will making measurements tell you if you’re in “compliance” with a standard that does not yet exist?

The article also claims this guideline should “help measure one station’s interference with another.” Terrific! So now we’ll all be able to quantify the interference that iBiquity claimed wasn’t going to happen.

Now that we can put a number to this interference, at least the FCC will now know how badly it is interfering with all of us when they do nothing to resolve it. I mean, it will make the commission appear to be doing their job, as they continue their cozy relationship with iBiquity and give us all the knowing wink and nod regarding “compliance.”

Jerry Arnold
Midwest Communications
Terre Haute, Ind.