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Translator Policy a Joke

I have a 1 kW stand alone AM that suffers because the inept guidance at the FCC.

I continue to read with interest the various views on AM power, EAS and HD.

I have a 1 kW stand alone AM that suffers because the inept guidance at the FCC and the lobbying power of the manufactures at the commission.

I am a supporter of the FCC but sometimes I believe they get so caught up in politics that they can’t see the forest for the trees.

The new policy concerning translators for AMs is a joke. There aren’t any translators available where they are really needed.

I fail to understand why I can’t stay at 1 kW 24/7. It has been proven over and over again that the interference is minimal if any. This was evident during the hurricanes on the Gulf Coast when stations stayed on at full power to disseminate emergency information. The interference argument is a myth at best.

I predicted many months before HD that it would be a problem; it is. The corporate giants and the FCC bought the theory from the manufactures hook line and sinker, and now buyers are whining because of signal and power loss.

The next boondoggle is EAS. It fails because of people, not equipment. A near-perfect EAS is already in place. It’s called the National Weather Service. It covers almost all of the U.S. and is unbelievably reliable. The NWS could be incorporated into the EAS and a receiver might cost me $30, not several thousands of dollars.

Someday I hope the FCC will start looking out for us little guys and quit pandering to the corporate giants who can’t seem to make ends meet and complain when they get special treatment.

My little station, even with the power restraint, still does quite well because of good management, loyal listeners and fiscal responsibility. I will stack our station up against the big guys any day. Throughout this economic snafu we have maintained a 32 percent profitability and have zero debt service.

Harry Hoyler
General Manager/Partner
White Castle, La.