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Up in Arms About Clichés

Readers respond to our list of frequent groaners heard in radio spots with their own additions

Rod Schwartz offered a list of clichés heard in radio commercials in his story “Great Copy Will Deliver for Clients” in the June 17 issue. Readers shared their own in several letters, below.

Here’s Schwartz’s original list:

“for all your ______ needs”
“conveniently located at ___________”
“the friendly folks at ___________”
“the professionals at ___________”
“your ________ headquarters”
“and much, much more”
“just in time for ________”
“like never before”
“the sale you’ve been waiting for”
“lowest prices of the year/season/ever”
“it’s that time of year again”
“we sell the best and service the rest”
“our service is second to none”
“our friendly, knowledgeable staff”
“you heard it right”
“it’s happening right now”
“(Season) is right around the corner”

You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Hi Rod, I really enjoyed your article. Great copy = more repeat customers and a higher percentage of budget being shifted to radio. Great copy can also make a commercial enjoyable to the listener instead of a tune-out.

I once worked at a station that had the receptionist write copy because the phones weren’t usually too busy. The GM gave her one short training session and put her to work.

My least favorite cliché is “You’ll be glad you did.” This is often used at the end of a spot. The final few words have the highest retention, so the listener may remember they’ll be glad they did … but they may not remember just what it is they are supposed to do to make them glad they did.

I hope radio stations will post your list of clichés to avoid like the plague and that Radio World will publish some additional ones.

Dave Dworkin
Radio Mall

Operators Are Standing By

Guaranteed to make my shiver:

“All the trimmings”

“Looking for ___?” or “Need ___?”

“The boss is out of town”

I can think of a few more, but these are my favorites, so to speak.

Juan Gualda
Fort Pierce, Fla.

Don’t Read This Copy (Aloud)

Some of us walk around the office repeating many of the clichés in our bad attempt at humor. Here are some more:

“There’s never been a better time”

“Located at …” (Why does every address need “located”? “Jones Dairy, 1234 Main Street” will suffice)

“Think you can’t ___? Think again!”

“It’s summer!/winter!/fall!/spring!” (It’s stupid!)

“Hi folks!”

(Late in the spot): “So, remember …”

“Attention ___!”

And please add one more:

“You’ll be glad ya did!”


Dave Silverstein
Roser Communications
Utica, N.Y.