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Wireless Broadband

The nice part about this equipment is it's so cost effective. I wouldn't be afraid to experiment. You'll have fun and learn a lot, plus you'll find this stuff works.

I enjoyed the article “The Wireless Broadband Solution” by Dan Slentz (Oct. 22). I would like to know, with the two radios for STL purposes, which audio applications (software) will be required?

Rashid Tanko
Accra, Ghana

Any stream encoder can handle this for you. At WHIZ we did all our testing with a Sling Media Slingbox. It was great! We streamed to the SlingPlayer software on a PC. For a permanent STL, I would look at any paired stream encoder/decoder (hardware or Linux-based so it’s stable).

Almost all that gear is unbalanced analog, so I would use a balancing amp like a Henry Engineering Matchbox on each end. If you need AES, there are audio encoders that are TCP/IP that will take that input. You could even take a Behringer encoder from AES to unbalanced analog and adapt with that.

The nice part about this equipment is it’s so cost effective. I wouldn’t be afraid to experiment. You’ll have fun and learn a lot, plus you’ll find this stuff works.

Remember to share what you find with other people (“pay it forward”) by contributing through Radio World or your engineering groups.

Please let me know if you need any more assistance.

— Dan Slentz