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Audacia, Triton Partner on Asia Pacific Programmatic

Users can configure marketplace deals with specific buyers or brands

Advertising marketplace Audacia will represent Triton Audio Marketplace inventory in the Asia Pacific region. 

A partnership with Triton Digital gives Audacia ad network access to Triton Digital’s exchange of audio publishers that include live streaming, on demand and podcasts.

The companies said demand for programmatic audio industry in the Asia Pacific region has been growing rapidly in recent years and is expected to continue doing so.

They said Audacia will use Triton Digital’s Supply Side Platform, which “provides advanced publisher controls to manage access, regulate pricing, and establish ad quality settings in the Triton Audio Marketplace.”

Users can configure open and private marketplace deals with specific buyers, brands or sales houses. “Audacia will be able to create custom targeted packages of audio inventory and make them available to any connected DSP.”

The announcement was made by Kym Treasure, CEO and founder of Audacia, and Stephanie Donovan, global head of revenue at Triton Digital.

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