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Come No Closer: Riedel DisTag Keeps You at a Distance

New personal distancing monitor sounds an alarm or vibrates if people are too close

Riedel Communications DistagTalk about a product fit for our times. Riedel Communications has come out with a “distance monitoring device” called DisTag that you stick in a pocket or wear around your neck.

It says media professionals are among those who could benefit from it.

“DisTag is a reliable and precise instrument that immediately alerts its wearer via haptic, visual and acoustic signals whenever the mandatory minimum distance to other people is about to be breached,” states the German company. (We wonder if the gizmo can be made to shout “Danger, Will Robinson”…)

TV camera person uses Distag
An image from the DisTag brochure. Riedel says media applications are among those where the DisTag will find use.

You can set the proximity limits per your local situation and regulations for social distance. Battery life is 10 to 12 hours before recharge via micro USB. We asked the company for its price and will post it here when confirmed.

Riedel says possible users include those who work in “media and event production, industrial operations, retailers, medical facilities, public and cultural institutions, and schools and universities.”

The company makes various types of audio, video and data gear for specialty markets, including intercom systems.