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CSA Plans Call for DAB+ Applications in Nantes and Rouen

The scheme proposes 11 new digital radio services in Rouen and six in Nantes

France is looking to expand its use of DAB+ digital radio, with the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel planning to launch a call for applications in Nantes and Rouen.

However, as dictated by Articles 28-4 and 31 of the Law of 30 September 1986, any call for applications must be preceded by a public consultation and impact studies.

The studies look to measuring at metropolitan and local levels the impact of the launch of the proposed calls within the timetable published by the council.

Specifically, the commission has published the following documents on its website: the study of the impact of possible terrestrial digital radio licenses at the local level in Nantes; the study of impact of possible digital terrestrial radio licenses in Rouen; a note presenting the methodology used for impact assessment projects at the local level; and the complement to the Metropolitan Impact Study.

The public consultation includes the eligible areas for appeal and the methods on how to reply to the council. Responses to the public consultation are due by July 6.

If the call for application is approved, it will propose 11 new digital radio services in Rouen and six in Nantes.