Do You Love Radio? Hashtag It!

Farm Radio International runs #iloveradio campaign on Thunderclap
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Farm Radio International runs #iloveradio campaign on Thunderclap

Do you love radio? Hashtag it!

Farm Radio International is running an #iloveradio campaign in conjunction with World Radio Day, which is observed Monday (Feb. 13) by UNESCO.

The non-profit farm group, based in Canada, serves African farming families and rural communities through radio to fight poverty and “food insecurity.” It says it works in partnership with some 650 stations in 40 countries to reach tens of millions of small-scale farmers.

“We’re running a special social media campaign using a tool called Thunderclap to get people to share their love for radio on World Radio Day,” Senior Communications Officer Katherine Walraven told Radio World in an email.

“Basically, Thunderclap allows people to pledge a tweet, Facebook post or Tumblr post to be shared alongside all other supporters’ messages at a specific time in the future. It’s completely secure, posting a single, one-time message on someone’s behalf. Think of it like an ‘online flash mob’ that helps a message get noticed.”

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The goal is to get people to share why they love radio on Feb. 13 by using hashtag #iloveradio.

Respondents are directed to visit the World Radio Day Thunderclap and click “Support with Twitter,”“Support with Facebook,” or “Support with Tumblr.” They can customize the message with personal reasons for loving radio.

In a separate initiative, Farm Radio International is conducting a global mobile poll about radio with results streamed online in real time, also as part of World Radio Day and in collaboration with UNESCO.

The Uliza tool allows poll results to be visualized through a digital dashboard. Poll responses and audio messages from radio listeners will be shared live online on World Radio Day via the World Radio Day website. The poll line is open now; respondents are asked to dial 1-866-947-7206 in Canada, or +1-647-492-4611 elsewhere, answer multiple choice questions and then share a voice message about what radio has done for them.

World Radio Day was first celebrated in 2012, following its declaration by the UNESCO General Conference. It was subsequently adopted as an International Day by the United Nations General Assembly. In 2016, some 380 World Radio Day events were held in 80 countries.


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