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DRM Announces 2017 Enterprise Award Winners

Roelf Petersen, Thembeka Khaka and Johannes von Weyssenhoff took the honors

The Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium has awarded the 2017 DRM Enterprise Award for Africa jointly to Dr. Roelf Petersen/Radio Pulpit and Broadcom International; Thembeka Khaka; and Johannes von Weyssenhoff.

The consortium presented Radio Pulpit 657AM, member of the Pulpit Media Group, and Broadcom International with the award, for its involvement in the DRM medium-wave trial, which it says, was the first live digital medium-wave broadcast in Southern Africa and later the first medium-wave broadcast trial in the region.

In addition, DRM honored Thembeka Khaka and Johannes von Weyssenhoff for actively contributing and supporting a DRM trial in the VHF Band II for local coverage (DRM+), working with Westbury Community Development Centre (WECODEC) and serving disadvantaged communities around Westbury, Sophiatown and other surrounding areas near Johannesburg.

“This is a well-deserved win and good news for Africa and all those involved; the winners have shown dedication, enthusiasm and great support for DRM in South Africa,” said Ruxandra Obreja, DRM Consortium chair.

“Through their great passion and dedication DRM could be heard and enjoyed in Africa where digital radio could contribute to education, information, involvement and bettering of so many lives.”

The 2018 DRM Enterprise Award will be awarded to an individual or team in South East Asia.

To qualify for the award, which aims to fuel interest in the DRM standard in various parts of the world, an individual needs to be nominated by two credible endorsers aware and ready to testify about the good work of the nominee.

For information, contact [email protected].