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GatesAir Transmitter Used in Big Swiss Scouting Event

Radio Sonar served the huge temporary camping community

A GatesAir transmitter played a role in a temporary radio station that was set up for the 2022 Mova/BuLa Federal Scout Camp in Switzerland this summer.

That event, which is held only every 14 years, attracts 30,000 boys and girls to a camping site in Goms in the Alps, a site that basically turns into a small town for the event. 

The young people had the chance to operate a radio station, “Radio Sonar,” under a test license. A low-power GatesAir Maxiva was one of two transmitters used to broadcast DAB+ radio coverage.

Lance Eichenberger and assistant install the radio equipment

“Known as the ‘Bundeslager’ or ‘BuLa’ for short, the two-week event enables scouts to collaborate on challenging and engaging activities that help them build skills, make friends, and broaden horizons,” according to a GatesAir summary.

The tower serving Radio Sonar rises above the tent.

“The 2022 theme for BuLa was ‘Mova,’ meaning ‘to move.’ Specifically, the intention was to raise awareness about how everything around us is in constant motion.”

A media center broadcast a radio station signal to the upper valley of Canton Valais. The radio facility was designed and built by RadioTrend AG. A team headed by Lance Eichenberger installed the transmission system. 

Programming was in French, German and Italian, the country’s official languages. 

GatesAir described the Mova/BuLa Federal Scout camp as “an impressive undertaking that required two years of planning as well as two months of field preparation, and the support of over 5,000 rangers and other support volunteers.”

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