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IABM Members Stand With Ukraine

Web platform highlights broadcast and media equipment manufacturers' statements and actions surrounding the Russian invasion

IABM Stand With UkraineIABM, the international trade association for broadcast and media technology suppliers, has launched Stand With Ukraine, a platform to highlight members’ efforts to support Ukraine and oppose Russia’s invasion of the country.

“We have already taken what steps we can and most importantly, at the request of a number of our members, we are creating a platform for our members who are like minded in their damnation of this illegal act,” said Peter White, CEO, IABM.

The Stand With Ukraine website highlights companies’ signing on to a pledge to stop shipment and support of media technology equipment to Russia, as well as to highlight companies donating to humanitarian relief efforts to support people in Ukraine and those displaced by the invasion.

The site also includes link to news reports of actions taken by broadcasters and media companies, as well copies of statements by IABM members on the invasion. A list of humanitarian support organizations is also included on the site.

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When suggesting IABM create this platform, Ross Video CEO David Ross said, “I’m confident that many companies would like to take a public stand in the face of true tyranny that is openly threatening Europe and a regime that is now likely guilty of crimes against humanity. This is especially true since our equipment and software is enabling the Russian propaganda machine, and IABM is the best organization to coordinate those who want to make a statement similar to what Ross Video has made.”

He continued, “I’m fully aware that being in the media industry, our tools are always used to promote a wide range of ideas which inevitably will not align with our own personal beliefs. That’s normal, we sell typewriters, not content as it were. This isn’t about differing ideas, this is about doing what we can to hinder naked aggression towards a European democracy.”

IAMB noted that “some of our members may feel they cannot completely agree with this initiative,” but the association still welcomes their views and statements.

“Through this page and though all our communication channels we will consolidate actions and opinions of those organizations in our large global membership who want to stand together for Ukraine. In so doing we hope we can harness a powerful collective voice that clearly demonstrates the actions taken both against Russia and for Ukraine to help relieve the humanitarian crisis that is rapidly unfolding across Europe,” IABM CEO Peter White stated.

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