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IBC Sneak Peek: Get the Latest on IP at IBC

IP Showcase to feature the latest on IP technology, practice and products

“IP” is the acronym that has taken the worldwide broadcast industry by storm.

It has seemingly wormed its way into every nook and cranny and it is hard to name a product category that hasn’t seen IP technology pay a visit, if not become part and parcel.

So it is no surprise that IBC organizers have laid out an IP Showcase. Content for the showcase will include information on what IP is, demonstrations of technology specifications, applications and products, sessions on security and the cloud, looks at audio and video over IP, network building and program production practices, thoughts about where the technology is going next and in the more distant future.

For those in radio broadcast there will be dedicated sessions looking at AES67, where it is now and what is next for digital audio. Andreas Hildebrand of ALC NetworX will be leading several of them.

The IP Showcase will offer programs Sept. 15–19. Here is a listing of its offerings.