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Radio San Marino Goes With DHD Mixers

Installation is part of a system integration by BVmedia

From our Who’s Buying What page: Radio San Marino and RSM Classic are using RX2 and SX2 audio mixers. 

An upgrade to their production systems in San Marino City is part of a rebuild by systems integrator BVmedia.

Roberto Zeccara, senior project manager at BVmedia said in the announcement, “We have equipped five studios in total: three with 18-channel RX2 desks and two with 10-channel SX2. These are equipped with analog, digital and Dante audio-over-IP interfaces. We also provided briefing and hands-on experience for the RSM team.”

A studio at Radio San Marino.

San Marino describes itself as the world’s oldest republic; it is the third-smallest state in Europe, after the Holy See and Monaco, according to the CIA World Factbook website. Public broadcaster Radio San Marino launched in 1993.

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