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Switzerland: Three Million DAB+ Devices Sold

Key to growth is increase of vehicles with DAB+ reception, says study

The three million mark of DAB+ devices has been crossed in Switzerland.

As a result digital consumption of radio programs and general awareness for DAB+ are on an upswing, according to a recent study by the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM).

Key to the growth of DAB+ devices in Switzerland was the progress of vehicles with DAB+ reception. Currently, there are 750,000 vehicles with DAB+ reception in the country, almost double what it was a year ago, the study showed.

DAB+ is offered in two-thirds of all new vehicles and do not require a surcharge. As for overall consumption of digital radio, it now sits at a 54 percent share, with DAB+ and the internet contributing equally.

And since individuals were asked in the fall of 2016 about their awareness of DAB+, the number has risen from 25 percent to 33 percent, the report found.

Switzerland plans to begin phasing out analog radio broadcasting on FM for DAB+ starting in 2020.

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