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Tieline Helps Cover FINA 2019 Swimming Championships

Provides commentary solution in collaboration with its South Korean representative CNW to host broadcaster MBC

Munhwa Broadcasting Corp., host broadcaster of the 18th FINA World Aquatics Championships held in Gwangju, South Korea in July, will make use of Tieline codecs for live radio and television commentary of the event.

Mr. Lim, senior audio engineer of 2019 FINA Gangju, in the MBC TV Department.

MBC contracted Tieline’s South Korean representative Coil and Wire to provide all commentary units and manage all commentary positions, including the Commentary Switching Center at the International Broadcast Center.

“31 Tieline i-Mix G3 and 19 Commander G3 codecs will be used to cover numerous aquatic sports including swimming, diving, artistic swimming, water polo, open water swimming and high diving at the FINA 2019 Swimming Championships,” said Mr. Hyung-uk Sheen from CNW. 

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Tieline says the commentary positions will stream live audio over IP with backup audio over ISDN. Users will be able to configure and remotely control the codecs, which can fail over between IP and ISDN feeds if required, from the IBC .

Mr. Jung is MBC TV department team leader.

The company cites remote control capabilities as one of the main factors for MBC’s choice.

“The level of remote control provided by Tieline codec solutions is one of the key reasons why CNW and Tieline were selected for this event,” said Charlie Gawley, Tieline VP Sales APAC/EMEA.

“Having complete remote control of each commentary unit from the IBC means there is no requirement for a Commentary Control Room at each stadium. This simplifies network configuration and reduces costs substantially for the host broadcaster.”

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