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Xperi Notes 10 Years of HD Radio in Mexico

Notes the support of CIRT and growth in number of digital channels

HD Radio dashboard display in Mexico

Xperi said that as of this month, HD Radio has been in use in Mexico for 10 years. The technology company took the occasion to report that 41% of the country’s broadcast audience now can hear a digital signal, covering a potential listening population of 50 million.

It said there are about 200 digital channels available and that 25 car brands have integrated HD Radio technology in 128 car models.

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Xperi quoted José Luis Rodríguez Aguirre, the president of the board of the commercial broadcast association CIRT, saying, “We will continue supporting the implementation of HD Radio technology to further expand digital radio coverage in Mexico.”

The anniversary was noted by Xperi Mexico’s Fabián Zamarrón, who was quoted, “Radio continues to be the anchor for consumers’ media diet, with nine out of 10 vehicle owners surveyed saying it is important to have radio in their dashboard.”

Globally, Xperi said HD Radio technology is available in 75 million automobiles and is integrated by over 40 auto manufacturers. Its estimate is that including HD subchannels, there are about 4,700 channels of programming in the United States, Mexico and Canada.