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Tagstation and iBiquity Join Forces for 2015 CES

NextRadio will join with HD Radio in iBiquity''s booth at the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas, happening Jan. 6-9

LAS VEGAS�NextRadio will join with HD Radio in iBiquity”s booth at the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas, happening Jan. 6-9.

Tagstation and iBiquity have been working on a complete demo for CES; and, according to the latest Tagstation blog, what they”ve come up with ��combines the broadcast enhancements that HD Radio and TagStation already deliver so well with ease-of-use and driver safety considerations automakers demand for their displays.�

The blog post continues: �Keeping broadcast radio competitive in the ever-evolving automobile dashboard is one of the most important challenges our industry faces. Radio currently enjoys its prime spot in automobiles, but with the inclusion of new ways for drivers to consume news, traffic, entertainment and more, we must fight hard to continue to stand out. We already know people love their radio, but in such a newly crowded space, this interface demands the attention radio deserves and capitalizes on the connection listeners feel towards their local stations.�

To my skeptical colleagues, of whom I know there are many: let”s be thankful that there are organizations like iBiquity and Tagstation working on the development of radio. It”s easy to sit back and say �it”ll never work� and if we stand pat, with arms crossed, that will become a self-fulfilling prophesy. We”re still in a great position that other services (the Pandoras of the World) are trying to snatch from us; let”s celebrate the successes of these companies and put new technology to work.