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25-Seven Study: Voltair Still Effective With eCBET

Testing used stations in large or medium markets

Data from recent tests conducted by 25-Seven, a subsidiary of the Telos Alliance and maker of Voltair Watermark Monitor and Processor, indicate that the company’s Voltair system works in an eCBET environment. Toggle-testing was performed by stations in both large and medium markets to gather these results.

For the tests, top 40, AC and country radio stations ran Voltair enhancement at zero, six and 12, changing every 15 minutes for four weeks. The images (included here) show the results from each setting, with the grey representing ratings without Voltair, the light blue with settings set to six, and dark blue at 12. All stations saw increase in ratings while using Voltair, according to 25-Seven’s results.

Voltair was first introduced at the 2015 NAB Show with the intent to monitor and display PPM encoding quality. Nielsen then announced the plan for its own monitoring device for PPM clients at the fall 2015 Radio Show, as well as unveiled plans for an updated CBET watermark encoding system. Nielsen then rolled out Enhanced CBET during the fourth quarter of 2015.

Since the release of eCBET, the Telos Alliance says that the Voltair system “still provides broadcasters with significant ratings advantage, even on enhanced CBET.” This recent study attempts to validate that statement.