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28 GHz Auction Tops $500M

But no new licenses bid in past two rounds

WASHINGTON — The FCC‘s 28 GHz auction pushed past the $500 million mark Monday in round 37. The total provisional winning bids for the 2,717 licenses on which there are such bids now stands at $509,009,180.

The FCC is auctioning the high-band spectrum to wireless companies as a way to feed the 5G beast.

Round 37 was the third round of the day Monday (Dec. 3), with one more round to go.

Round 35 pushed the total to $475,621,330, with the PWB total increasing by $16,959,880 in that round, followed by $15,059,950 in round 36 to bump the total up to $490,671,280. Round 37 recorded $18,337,900 in added bidding bucks.

All the added bid money in those three rounds were for the same 2,717 licenses, meaning none of the remaining 355 licenses drew a bid. The auction can close without those licenses being bid on since the aggregate PWBs for the auction was only about $40 million.

The FCC will be closed Wednesday (Dec. 5) for the Day of Mourning for former President George H. W. Bush. Likely the auction will take a break, too. A spokesperson was checking at press time.