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Ampegon Bridges Gap Between Users and Transmitters

UCS interacts with subsystems and performs required measurements

SCHIFFERSTADT, Germany�Ampegon�s�transmitter control system Unified Control System is a connecting link between user and transmitter, with a selection of functions and detailed transmitter information. It interacts with various subsystems and performs required measurements.�

Featuring embedded PC and FPGA technology, which allows network-based communication including remote control from anywhere in a LAN environment, the extendable system is fully integrated and accessible via the GUI.�

The company says the tuning system, with DC motor technology, allows faster, more accurate positioning of transmitter tuning circuits, with digital control. This permits automated frequency changes.�

In order to achieve required measurements, the simplified measurement acquisition system captures information in real time for data display, data logging and data analysis. This leads to more efficient maintenance and fewer spare parts requirements, Ampegon says.�

Remote control options support flexibility of the overall transmitter system by ensuring independent control and operation, the company adds.

The new transmitter control system has an integrated DRM modulator and an RF exciter, analog and digital audio signal inputs with fully digital processing � filtering, leveling, modulation schemes. Demodulated signals are available for measuring and monitoring purposes.