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Arbitron Debuts Personal Web for PPM Respondents

Arbitron Debuts Personal Web for PPM Respondents

Mar 7, 2008 2:42 PM

Columbia, MD – Mar 5, 2008 – Arbitron has introduced a personal home page system for Portable People Meter survey participants designed to track reward points and encourage panelists to carry the meter every waking hour. The site is called My Meter and Me, and the personal panelist website is one of several initiatives that Arbitron has undertaken to improve PPM sample performance and increase industry confidence in the PPM measurement system.

Available in English and Spanish, the My Meter and Me website offers panelists a secure and personalized way to check their earned reward points and see how they’re doing toward earning bonuses and sweepstakes entries. PPM respondents can also use the site to graphically review their hour-by-hour carry time over the last seven days, compare personal performance to others in the same household, share compliance tips with any PPM respondent in any city through an anonymous, moderated Web forum, inform Arbitron when they are traveling away from home or change their contact information, ask questions or submit comments, and participate in instant polls.