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Broadcast Industry Voices Support for Rosenworcel

Pai, Smith and Rotella recommend her prior work at the commission

WASHINGTON � News came this week that Jessica Rosenworcel will likely soon resume her seat at the Federal Communications Commission. President Donald Trump has nominated her as a Democratic commissioner.�

Rosenworcel�s prior term as Democratic commissioner expired in the fall of 2016.�Pending Senate confirmation, she will rejoin her colleagues in Washington.

Current FCC Chair Ajit Pai released a statement saying, �I congratulate Jessica Rosenworcel on the announcement that President Trump will nominate her to serve another term on the Federal Communications Commission. She has a distinguished record of public service, including the four-and-a-half years we worked together at this agency, and I look forward to working with her once again to advance the public interest.��

Additional support came from broadcast associations.

�NAB is delighted to hear that President Trump will renominate Jessica Rosenworcel to the FCC. Commissioner Rosenworcel is supremely qualified for another FCC term, having demonstrated her public service credentials and full command of telecommunications issues during her Commission tenure. NAB strongly supports her renomination and confirmation,��NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith said in a release.

And�New Jersey Broadcasters Association�President and CEO Paul Rotella wrote to Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) in support of President Trump�s renomination of�Rosenworcel.

In the letters to his state�s senate delegation, Rotella cited NJBA�s �historically productive and positive experiences with the Commissioner and her office� as a prime reason for his support. He also noted that he had worked with Rosenworcel on �Performance Tax, fighting illegal pirate radio operators, FM chip activation on smart phones, the need for New Jersey to have its own TV station as promised under the law, a strong and modern FM based EAS, as well as the role New Jersey radio plays in emergencies, as we did throughout Super Storm Sandy and its aftermath, and the need for a PEP station in New Jersey.�

He described Rosenworcel as �intimately familiar� with NJBA initiatives and community activities supported by NJBA members in conjunction with local broadcasters.

The letter also said Rosenworcel and her staff are attentive and courteous, characteristics that are key in Washington.

Rotella had previously written to Booker and Menendez in November of last year to support Rosenworcel gaining another term on the commission.