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Dielectric to Address Spectrum Repack at 2016 Radio Show

Will offer strategies and products designed to help FM broadcasters during repack

The TV spectrum repack looms large over the industry, and not just for those on the television side, it will have an effect on FM radio as well. With this in mind, Dielectric has announced that it will highlight some of its products that are designed to address some of the potential concerns at the 2016 Radio Show.

One such product is Dieletric’s side-mounted, circularly polarized broadband ring antennas, including its new DCR-U series, for uninterrupted FM radio transmission. The DCR-U is designed to minimize footprint while also supporting capacity and high-voltage requirements of multistation operation. The antenna can accommodate the peak powers of elevated HD Radio side bands (–10 dBc).

With the addition of new filter and combiner options, radio broadcasters will be able to shift operations to temporary antennas during the repack. This includes the Manifold combiner, which can be used for an RF facility feeding a master antenna that combines four or more signals. It also offers precise signal isolation for multichannel systems.

Dielectric will showcase these and other products at Booth 11 during the Radio Show in Nashville, Tenn., from Sept. 21–23.