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FCC Approves KNAL’s Request for Temporary Tower Relocation

Port Lavaca station’s tower was damaged by a small airplane in October

WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission this week granted a request to temporarily relocate Victoria Radioworks’ KNAL(FM)’s antenna system for no less than 180 days.

The Port Lavaca, Texas, station’s tower was struck Oct. 13 by a small airplane; the pilot was killed and KNAL’s tower and antenna were also damaged. The broadcaster and consultants determined that “quickest and most efficient path” to getting the station back on air at full power requires the temporary move of the antenna to another tower, specifically the KVIC(FM) and KBAR(FM) tower site.

Consulting engineer Jeremy Ruck prepared the report that was used to file for the STA.

After the antenna is moved it will broadcast on its current channel (227) but will reduce its maximum effective radiated power to “6.9 kW at a center of radiation of 90.3 meters above average terrain or 112.6 meters above mean sea level utilizing a non-directional antenna.” According to the STA application, “the STA contour is fully contained within the licensed 60 dBu service contour.” Also, the “FM Model returns a calculated power density for the proposed STA facility of 9.91 W/cm2 at a distance of 39 meters from the tower base.”

Victoria Radioworks is represented by Matthew H. McCormick, Esq., of Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth.