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FCC Debuts Online Consumer Complaint Data Center

Designed to provide transparency into consumer complaints

WASHINGTON�The Federal Communications Commission has launched a new online Consumer Complaint Data Center to allow for greater transparency of consumer complaints that are received by the commission. The public will be able to access other consumers’�complaints and also utilize tools to customize how they view the data.

The FCC will update the Consumer Complaint database daily with informal complaints.

The database is organized by the service the consumer is complaining about � phone, TV, Internet, emergency and accessibility services � the method which the service is received, the issue, and the consumer�s general location information.

The database will feature individual complaints filed at the FCC since 2015. Consumers can track, search, sort and download information; build their own visualizations, charts and graphs; embed on other websites; and build applications, conduct analyses and perform research through an Application Programming Interface. The data center includes visualizations of communications issues profiled in the consumer complaints as well as geographic search features by city, state and zip code.

The Consumer Complaint Data Center can be found