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Commission Headquarters Closed for Water Damage

No word on when the FCC would reopen

UPDATED 11/15 at 9:30 a.m.

The Federal Communications Commission has reopened its headquarters at the Portals as of Tuesday morning, Oct. 16, the commissioned announced.

WASHINGTON — The FCC said Monday (Oct. 15) its Washington headquarters would be closed for the day because of water damage.

That came in a two-line notice on the FCC website. No word on why or when it would reopen.

It also came out the same day that the FCC updated its station outage totals from Hurricane Florence. There are only three TV stations out of service, down from four the day before; 13 FM radio stations out of service, down from 14 the day before, and three AM radio stations out of commission, which was no change.

Florida still had 205,643 customers without cable or wireline service, with 15,953 out of service in Alabama and 69,704 in Georgia.