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FCC’s Adelstein Calls for PPM Investigation

FCC’s Adelstein Calls for PPM Investigation

Nov 20, 2008 8:46 AM

Washington – Nov 18, 2008 – FCC commissioner Jonathan Adelstein has asked chairman Kevin Martin to investigate the Arbitron Portable People Meter (PPM) service to evaluate the claims made by several minority broadcasters who challenge the accuracy of the of the results. The minority groups claim that the PPM survey samples do not fairly represent minority listeners.

The question has spurred the attorneys general in New York and New Jersey to begin their own reviews into the service. The attorneys general reviews are based on the same complaints from the same groups.

Adelstein’s concern is that the PPM presents a threat to media diversity, citing that the PPM deployment does not have the accreditation of the Media Rating Council. Arbitron has repeatedly said that it is working with broadcasters to provide a service they want and trust. Arbitron also believes that the FCC has no jurisdiction over the ratings service.