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FM Chip Is Making Progress, Pilot Reports

That number now stands at 44% with the chip activated

INDIANAPOLIS � NAB Pilot�reports�that FM chip-enabled smartphones are gaining in popularity.

�In the third quarter of 2016, Pilot�s analysis shows that the number of top-selling smartphones sold with FM reception capability enabled by at least one carrier in the US has for the first time matched those sold without FM capability,� Skip Pizzi writes on the�Pilot blog.

That number now stands at 44% with the chip activated and 44% without the activation. Additionally, 8% of smartphones can be easily activated by users, while 4% have an unknown status.

The majority of Android smartphones sold during this period came with FM reception enabled, and 94% of the smartphones sold without it were Apple iPhones.

Pilot has tracked the FM chip activation in smartphones since 2012. The percentage of smartphones that came with the FM chip activated has increased significantly since Q3 of 2015, which had already seen an exponential change since Q3 2014.