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Futuri Media Granted New Patent

It is the third for President/CEO Anstandig

Interactive media technology company Futuri Media has received a new patent based on a claim filed in March 2012.

U.S. Patent No. 9,294,210 was granted for the company’s “System for Providing Interaction between a Broadcast Automation System and System for Generating Audience Interaction with Radio Programming.” It covers the system “which powers the company’s LDR (Listener Driven Radio), Takeover technologies and interactive mobile apps,” as well as technology used to operate Futuri’s streaming services and behind its Takeover platform, according to the release. (The full text of the patent can be found on the U.S. Patent and Trade Office website, here.)

“We are proud to be recognized for this popular technology, and we have several additional patents pending to help broadcasters increase ratings and revenues,” said President/CEO Daniel Anstandig.

This patent is the first for Senior Vice President of Technology Craig Bowman, an engineer who has been with the company for six years. It is the third for both Anstandig and Chief Technology Officer Brian Seeders.

The company also announced the acquistion of Edmonton, Alberta-based streaming and podcasting company StreamOn.