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GatesAir Partners With Incospec

Company will serve as Canadian distribution channel

Broadcast equipment manufacturer GatesAir has selected Montreal-based Incospec Communications as its Canadian distribution channel.

Incospec was founded in 1978 with an emphasis on RF test and measurement within cable TV systems. The company’s focus later shifted to FM radio and UHF/VHF television.

This consolidation makes GatesAir’s initiatives in LTE Mobile TV delivery and the IP transition all the more valuable for customers across Canada, a release said.

“Our focus moves well beyond sales into commissioning and integration of complex systems, with an emphasis on understanding customer needs and proposing the right equipment,” said Louis Sebastiani, director of products and projects, Incospec Communications.

“GatesAir’s innovative technology for offloading high-bandwidth TV content from LTE networks, and delivering it to handheld devices using the more efficient one-to-many broadcast model, is a concept of great interest to our customers,” said Incospec founder Mario Sebastiani. “And in an industry like radio where there is much consolidation, GatesAir’s ambitious efforts across IP contribution and distribution will help us cost-effectively transition broadcasters away from expensive delivery platforms.”

Sebastiani says that in addition to GatesAir’s portfolio of Maxiva TV and Flexiva radio transmitters, Intraplex transport solutions, and networked studio systems and consoles, the company’s strategies will help Incospec better serve customers in the Canadian market, where consolidation across traditional broadcast and telco companies is common.