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GeoBroadcast Receives Patent for MaxxCasting Coverage Tech

Technology helps radio broadcasters maximize signal quality and coverage

GeoBroadcast Solutions’ MaxxCasting radio coverage optimization system is now officially approved as U.S. patent number 9232481, according to a press release from the company. The MaxxCasting system was designed to help radio broadcasters maximize signal quality and coverage with protected contours.

The MaxxCasting system combines predictive modeling with advanced radio and cellular technology across multiple synchronized transmitter nodes to improve a broadcaster’s coverage-to-contour ratio and maximize signal penetration. The system is also designed to minimize or eliminate interference with the main transmitter signal through proprietary predictive modeling formulas that design, optimization and deployment of SFNs to fill in coverage gaps. Multiple, synchronized MaxxCasting nodes are deployed in coverage areas with lower antenna radiation heights than the main transmitter.

MaxxCasting’s network topology and underlying technology are components of GBS’ ZoneCasting technology, which pending FCC approval will enable broadcasters to geographically target over-the-air radio advertising by segmenting their main broadcast signal into defined zones.

GBS reports that additional patents are pending for both MaxxCasting and ZoneCasting.