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L-3 Requests Increased Bandwidth for TSA Scanners

FCC currently taking comments from public on request

ARLINGTON, Va.�Every time you walk through one of those scanners to board an airplane, wideband imaging technology uses RF power to provide the Transportation Security Administration with the all-clear. Currently, the scanners operate in 24.35-30 GHz, but L-3 Communications Security and Detection Systems � the manufacturer of the scanners � have submitted a Part 15 waiver to expand its operating bandwidth to 20-40 GHz, as reported by the CommLawBlog.

L-3 previously received a waiver of several Part 15 rules that didn�t account for certain particularities of the device. This new waiver request generally, but not always, prohibits unlicensed operations on certain frequency bands. L-3 has provided a technical showing that its system can protect other who use those bands.

The FCC, per its customs, is allowing the public to look at the waiver request and offer their comments. The deadline to submit comments is March 21, with replies due on April 5. The waiver request isavailable here.�

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