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Las Vegas Public Radio Relies on Barix IP for Delivery

Barix AoIP devices serve as station’s studio-to-transmitter link

ZURICH�Upon launching in February 2016, Las Vegas Public Radio has been utilizing Barix Audio over IP devices to serve as its studio-to-transmitter link, connecting its main studio with remote production locations.

In order to provide an outlet for community-related issues, local culture, tourism and entertainment, the Las Vegas Public Radio team went with the Barix Exstreamer 500 model. One Exstreamer 500 encodes audio from the main studio and control room for transport to the transmission tower site, where it is decoded by a second Exstreamer unit. An additional pair of Exstreamer 500 units deliver audio to the main studio from a second remote production studio; the off-site unit occasionally goes into the field for on-location remote broadcasts.

The station�s 192Kbps MP3 streams are delivered to the transmitter location through the cloud-based Barix Reflector stream replication service

Las Vegas Public Radio expects to add more Exstreamer 500 units as the station increases its remote production with more studios.