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Lots Going on With EAS Right Now

Comment on the new ETRS as well as EAS handbook recommendations

WASHINGTON � As of June 27, the EAS Test Reporting Systemis operational and ready to accept filings, according to a release.The FCC�s Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council also is looking for input on proposed updates to its EAS Operating Handbook.

Note that EAS participants must complete Form One of ETRS on or before Aug. 26. Corrections or updates must be submitted by Sept. 26. (Forms Two and Three will become available on ETRS at the time of initiation of the nationwide test.)

The system will be used to report the outcome of nationwide EAS tests; the FCC hopes it will involve a minimum of filing hassle but and also help it create an EAS �Mapbook� to illustrate how alerts are propagated. The commission used a temporary e-system to gather data in the first nationwide test four years ago; based on its success, it will now require stations and other EAS participants to file test data via the ETRS. Once the system is up and running, the FCC has said, �day of test� data will have to be filed within 24 hours of a nationwide test �or as otherwise required by the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau,� and detailed post-test data will have to be filed within 45 days of a test.

To register for ETRS and access Form One, visit the ETRS page and register. You will then be emailed ETRS account credentials and a link to the login page, which you should click on and then log into. You will then go to the ETRS homepage, which has detailed instructions on how to access Form One. Filers may contact FCC staff for assistance in completing Form One at[email protected].

The EAS Operating Handbook is an informational document that aids EAS participant personnel in handling EAS messages by outlining operational procedures reflective of the requirements found in the Part 11 rules. On June 22, CSRIC adopted the recommendations described in the EAS Operating Handbook Report; specifically, the recommendation that the FCC adopt the subject handbook that employs checkboxes and �fill-in-the-blank� operational steps in order to enable participants to customize it to describe individual EAS implementation procedures.

The bureau seeks comment on the handbook presented in Appendix A of CSRIC�s EAS Operating Handbook Report, together with the accompanying instructions set forth in Appendix B, to support future FCC guidance regarding handbook use.

Comments may be filed electronically using the Internet by accessing theECFS. Regardless of method, all must be submitted before July 11.