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Media Monitors Audience Reaction Adds Quicker PPM Updates

Media Monitors Audience Reaction Adds Quicker PPM Updates

Jan 20, 2010 9:34 AM

White Plains, NY – Jan 19, 2010 – Media Monitors has updated its service to provide a faster turn-around for Mscore and Audience Reaction services. The PPM data will now be updated within five days after the measured week for subscribers of the Audience Reaction service, Mscore and PPM.

Mscore is an index that indicates the extent of switching behavior of Arbitron’s PPM panelists that occurs when songs are played. Arbitron provides unweighted PPM data for use in the Audience Reaction service as part of its partnership with Media Monitors. Prior to this change the unweighted data was updated 21 days after the end of the measured week. The preliminary data will be replaced with final data when it becomes available. The Mscore can be downloaded into RCS Gselector music scheduling. Audience Reaction is a way for radio broadcasters to look at minute-to-minute panelist behavior while listening to all programming.

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