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Mega Media Group Contracts for Custom PPM Ratings

Mega Media Group Contracts for Custom PPM Ratings

Mar 11, 2008 9:45 AM

New York – Mar 10, 2008 – Mega Media Group has signed a multi-year contract for station-specific custom Arbitron Portable People Meter listening estimates for Pulse 87 FM (WNYZ-LP). WNYZ-LP broadcasts on the audio portion of a low-power TV station on VHF channel 6. In addition, the station has signed an agreement to license the standard, syndicated PPM radio ratings services for the New York Metro, which does not include estimates for low-power television stations broadcasting as radio stations. Only AM and FM radio stations are currently eligible to be reported in Arbitron syndicated services. These agreements will take effect when Arbitron commercializes the new audience ratings technology in New York.

This agreement allows Mega Media Group to use the monthly WNYZ-LP station-specific custom PPM listening estimates as well as the standard, syndicated New York Metro PPM radio ratings.

The monthly custom studies will report all standard dayparts, 21 demographics and listening estimates including average-quarter-hour persons, AQH rating, AQH share, cume persons, cume rating and average weekly time exposed for WNYZ-FM.