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‘Monumentally Complex and Time-Consuming’

WASHINGTON�More than one reader has commented that the FCC�s process stations to access its EAS Test Reporting System is too complicated.

Others seem to think so too. Here�s what lawyers at the firm of Hardy, Carey, Chautin & Balkin wrote in their latest e-newsletter:

�Now for a bit of commentary. We know that the FCC announced in advance by public notice that stations would need to obtain a CORES Username in order to access ETRS and file the EAS forms for the national test,� the firm wrote.

�But we must say, the entire process of having to get a username (especially the twisted password limitation and email verification process), associate it to a station�s FRN (with an access/ request email often required), and then access and figure out the new ETRS system, including information that didn�t auto-populate from last year, was � to put it mildly � a monumentally complex and time-consuming process. We could say more, but the better part of prudence suggests to us that some things just shouldn�t be printed.�

You can read its blog and sign up for emails here.

The firm reminded readers that by now all U.S. broadcast stations should have filed their EAS Form One in advance of the scheduled National EAS Test. The FCC has said it will still accept forms even though the deadline has passed, citing the circumstances of Hurricane Harvey, but urged participants to complete them asap. The test itself goes off at 2:20 p.m. Eastern on Sept. 27.