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Nautel Shares Webinar Highlighting AIR Project

DRM transmitters in India aim to serve a billion listeners

HACKETT’S COVE, Nova Scotia � Transmitter maker Nautel has produced a webinar, �Building for a Billion,� looking at company�s work in the massive DRM digital broadcasting project in India.�

Indian broadcaster All India Radio commissioned the work entailing 27 sites utilizing 27 Nautel NX transmitters. The transmitters ranged from Nautel NX100 (11 at 100 kW output power each) to NX200 (10 at 200 kW output power each) to NX300 (6 at 300 kW output power each).

An additional six NX family medium-wave transmitters were ordered for AIR separately and were recently shipped to India. The six are four NX100 and two NX200 transmitters.

Partnering with Nautel in the project were Indian partner Comcon, Altronic (RF test loads), Digidia (DRM modulators/content servers) and Kintronic Labs (matching systems for the project).�