Neumann Named Media Bureau Chief Engineer

Joined Engineering Division in 2003
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Jeffrey Neumann has been named chief engineer of the Media Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission, a �front-office� position.

Neumann began his commission tenure in 2003 in the Engineering Division. �He has worked on cable, broadcast and satellite issues, including accessibility, set-top boxes, reauthorization of direct broadcast satellite services, mergers and transactions, the DTV transition, and the Incentive Auction,� according to a bureau announcement.

�Also the Bureau�s chief data officer, Jeffrey previously served as acting media advisor to Commissioner Pai.�

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He holds a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of Michigan College of Engineering.

The appointment was made by Acting Media Bureau Chief Michelle Carey. Neumann succeeds Alison Neplokh who became the FCC�s deputy chief technologist in 2015 and subsequently left to work at NAB on spectrum policy matters.


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