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New Products @AES 2003

New Products @AES 2003

Sep 1, 2003 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

AES product preview from Active Power, AEA, AEQ, Amek, Aquila Broadcasting, Audioscience, Audio-Technica, Crest, Denon, Eventide, Furman, Gepco, Mackie, Marshall Electronics, MGE, Nagra, Presonus, Pulizzi, Rane, Sonifex, Sound Devices, Studio Network Solutions, Ultrasone and Wireworks.

Desktop space solution

Presonus Audio Electronics
Maxrack, HP4

A desktop space solution, this unit houses as many as six ?-rack Personal Recording Series units. The new rack can store units such as the Tube PRE, EQ3B, COMP16 and HP4. The unit sits on the desktop next to the user’s computer monitor. The heavy-duty rack not only houses six units, but also ships with a six-input powerstrip that accommodates all six individual power supplies and powers all of them from one single ac plug (available in 110V U.S. and 220V European only). The device answers the project studio owner’s needs for headphone distribution with professional specifications. The unit comes in a ?-rack space chassis, similar to the Tube PRE, and fits snugly into the Maxrack. The system accepts balanced and unbalanced inputs (stereo or mono) and outputs (�” TRS), with the mono selector button on the front channel simply copying both inputs to both sides. The unit features four discrete headphone outputs, each with its own volume potentiometer and 250mW of amplification per channel on the front panel. This product has a -98dB noise floor and wide frequency response. Also, the unit allows control over control room monitors with a separate volume potentiometer that can be muted using the monitor mute button, and is powered by an external wall-mounted power supply.
fax 225-926-8347
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The new ATH-M20 headphones use a closed-back design and feature a rich bass response with an extended high end. Employing the company’s latest transducer technology, the stereo headphones offer a high level of sonic accuracy in a design engineered to provide comfort for hours of listening. The headphones feature 40mm drivers, each with a neodymium magnet structure, and have a frequency response of 30Hz to 20,000Hz. The headphone also offers a lightweight, adjustable cushioned headband to provide maximum listening comfort. In addition, they feature a gold-plated stereo ?” connector with strain relief and snap-on �” adapter, as well as a sturdy, ultra-flexible 10′ coiled cable with single-side exit on the left side.
fax 330-686-0719
[email protected]

Condenser mic

Marshall Electronics
600 FET

The MXL 600 FET condenser microphone has a 20mm, three micron gold diaphragm housed in a 22mm � 130mm slim-line enclosure. The mic has the sonic characteristics to expose the soul of musical instruments. Its exceptional transparency captures the air of stringed instruments, pianos, drums and cymbals. It is useful when used in stereo pairs for recording entire rooms or for overhead miking of drum kits. The mic’s harmonic accuracy will enhance any performance or recording. The mic comes complete with mic stand clip and carrying pouch.
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Signal router/monitor


Providing a way to manage mixdown and dubbing in a single product, this monitor offers signal routing and monitoring for four stereo devices, plus the main console output. The system simplifies mixdown and dubbing between different media types without tying up additional console channels. Multiple copies can all be made simultaneously through use of the unit’s Source Select switches. A/B/C listening comparisons can be made between three different speaker types, and all gains are front-panel adjustable for equal loudness when switching between speaker pairs. The unit accommodates one amplifier driving two unpowered speaker pairs, and a line level signal driving one self-powered pair. This product provides an internal, high-power headphone amp.
fax 707-763-1310
[email protected]

Digital audio recorder


Developed to replace its analog reel-to-reel recorders, the recorder incorporates Castlewood’s ORB 2.2GB ultra high-speed removable cartridge drive for a faster, easier, lower-cost recorder that helps achieve industry-wide compatibility. The unit records just once to the Castlewood ORB drive, at a transfer speed that is four times faster than DVD. Production sound recordists can record more than two hours of 24-bit digital audio recorded at 48kHz sampling frequency. The recorder drive provides the highest storage capacity at the lowest cost per megabyte. The device offers one-step recording, 10 times faster recording than optical and 2.2GB capacity. The recorder was developed specifically for MAC and PC products.
fax 615-726-5189
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Mic cable


A highly flexible, 100 percent thermoplastic-shielded cable, this cable is durable and tangle resistant. The cable comes in 10 jacket colors and strips in 1 second. The ideal installation cable is small, easy to strip and designed for fixed installations.
fax 908-686-0483
[email protected]

Telephone hybrid


Replacing the Sonifex HY-02, the HY-03 is an analog telephone hybrid that features fully automatic operation, adapting to varying line conditions with automatic signal limiting, local and remote line hold switching, integrated auto-answer after a predetermined number of rings, a balanced mic/line input, low impedance balanced output with output gain adjustment, line limiter, bandpass filter and output noise gate with preset threshold providing low distortion and clear audio. It also can provide an output mix of the caller and the mic/line input signals for situations where both sides of the conversation need to be recorded.
fax 207-773-2422
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Graphic equalizer


This stereo ?-octave digital graphic equalizer is part of the company’s new analog-controlled digital series. The digital signal path uses advanced DSP algorithms so the output magnitude response corresponds to the front panel settings. One advantage of the Perfect-Q design is the subtle refinements of frequency response, allowing for easey operation and clarity of sound reproduction. Changing a ?-octave setting changes only that setting. The equalizer features a 30-band EQ with slider controls and soft-touch knobs. Each channel includes full-cut accelerated slope three-band tone controls, separate sweepable low-cut and high-cut filters, individual input and output level controls with LED meters for each, range switches and bypass switches (fail-safe relay). It is able to slave one channel to the other, or use as an A-curve/B-curve comparison, or as two analog memories. The rear panel offers a choice of analog balanced inputs and outputs using XLR, �” TRS or Eurostyle three-pin connectors. The power supply is internal and universal with a standard IEC line cord connector.
fax 425-347-7757
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Analog audio cables

Gepco International

This analog audio cable is available in single- and multi-pair versions. The cable is flexible and sonically transparent. It offers low noise and is a durable, balanced cable useful in studios or live-sound venues. This cable will not retain kinks and bends when flexed. Notable features include reduced high-frequency absorption and a foam dielectric that allows for easy cutting and stripping with minimal wickback when soldering. Its shield will not open through repeated flexing and is easy to trim. Ground termination is simplified with the drain wire and the cables offer RF and EMI rejection. Pairs on multi-pair colors are color-stripped and printed for easy identification that is visible after installation.
fax 847-795-8770
[email protected]

Compact production mixer


Developed specifically for field production audio applications, this mixer is useful for production companies wanting to take control of their audio. A compact and cost-effective battery-powered professional audio mixer, the key features include: large, 40-segment sunlight-viewable output level meters; channel-selectable microphone powering (48V/12V phantom and T-power); three microphone inputs with Lundahl input transformers; input limiters and software-selectable output limiters and headphone monitoring, including PFLs and MS stereo matrix.
fax 608-524-0655
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Bundle for TDM

Clockworks Legacy

Eventide announces five new plug-ins, together in one bundle: the Clockworks Legacy for Digidesign Protools TDM. The Omnipressor is a compressor with an attitude. The Instant Phaser is a plug-in based on the first phaser, a single function analog processor featuring a sweeping filter bank. The H910 is the plug-in recreation of the first Harmonizer effects processor. The Instant Flanger is the plug-in recreation of one of the first hardware products to recreate flanging. The plug-in provides the ability to choose or combine modulation sources together, including the LFO, or input signal (envelope follower), or manual sweep, which can be controlled by MIDI. The H949 took pitch changing even further. The plug-in recreates the unique random feature, which creates slight variations in delay resulting in a less mechanical sound. Full automation and MIDI control, and control surface support have been added to take full advantage of the power and flexibility of Protools.
fax 201-641-1640
[email protected]

Large ribbon microphone

AudioEngineering Associates

The R84 uses the same ribbon pickup element as the company’s R44. It includes an integral cushion mount/stand adapter, an attached three-meter star-quad mic cable and a custom soft case. It features a figure-eight pickup pattern that becomes tighter at higher frequencies. Frequency response is 20Hz to 20kHz (+/-6dB).
fax 626-798-2378
[email protected]

Professional headphones


These studio headphones suppress external noise thanks to their closed construction. The headphones also provide a broad, detached three-dimensional hearing sensation. Due to customer enquiries, the company implemented an additional function that enables the user to fold back the individual earpiece without removing the headphone from his head, to be connected immediately with the outside world again. Because of this folding mechanism, the headphone can be compactly stored and easily transported. Features of the headphones include: S-Logic Natural Surround Sound System, reduced magnetic field emissions, safe hearing protection, closed-cup design, a frequency range of 15Hz to 25kHz, impedance of 75O and sound pressure level 94dB.
+49 8856 – 93 66-0
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Power conditioner

MGEUPS Systems
Topaz 800

The conditioner removes damaging electrical noise and solves quality problems that wreak havoc with sensitive equipment. The unit removes electrical noise and protects against sags, surges and brownouts, ensuring clean conditioned power for the most sensitive and demanding of applications. The units are available in sizes from small office models to floor or wall/panel mounted industrial units ranging in power ratings from 140VA to 25kVA. They provide high quality power with inherent surge and lightning protection.
fax 714-557-9788
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Active CD turntable


A tabletop single-disc CD player, this product features an active analog turntable platter with real-time user interaction. The live motor-driven active platter, which is 7″ across, can be used to scratch, backspin, brake, search and otherwise manipulate as if the compact disc is a vinyl turntable. The turntable includes the newly developed Alpha Track capability, enabling independent playback of two tracks from the same disc at the same time, with the ability to manually mix with a single drive, just as you would with two discs. Additionally, with the Mirror Mix function, the user can also select the same track in main and Alpha and play the Alpha track after a specified time delay at 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1 or 2/1. The effect is as if the user had two copies of the same record. The Hot Disc 35-second memory feature allows you to eject the disc during playback and have play continue for as long as 35 seconds. The three-way scratching capability provides for scratch effects to be applied to the main, Alpha or sampler track. There are also four seamless loops, plus the revolutionary A-B splice function for seamless removal of unwanted track sections. A and B points for this, plus seamless loop and sampler loop, can easily be adjusted in real time using the Scratch Disc. There are two samplers offering 15 seconds at CD quality.
fax 973-396-7459

Multichannel sound card


This sound card is aimed at high performance entertainment applications requiring multiple streams of MP3 and MPEG Layer 2 play with analog and AES/EBU digital interfaces. The card uses a 150MHz Texas Instruments TMS320C6711 DSP and provides eight stereo outputs, one stereo input, one record streams, eight stereo/16 mono play streams and a powerful multi-rate digital mixer. Audio format choices include MP3, MPEG Layer 2 and linear PCM. MRX technology supports digital mixing of multiple stream formats and sample rates. This product offers 24-bit AD/DA converters, 100dB SNR and 0.002 percent THD+N, as well as AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital audio input and output (software selectable) with sample rate converters on all inputs.
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Medium-power UPS

Clean Source UPS

In this mid-range line of uninterruptible power supply systems, there are four models in power ratings from 65kVA to 130kVA. Using the company’s flywheel technology, the models store kinetic energy in a constantly spinning, quiet, low-friction, solid-steel disc. Stored energy from the flywheel is instantly converted to electricity that powers critical loads during utility disturbances or until a standby generator takes over. The units can be configured through software to integrate with generators. Standard features include internal static bypass, serial communications, LCD monitoring and control panel, programmable I/O contacts and programmable auto restart. Available options include remote notification and monitoring, CS View real-time monitoring software, remote emergency power off, MODBUS and SNMP interfaces, internal maintenance bypass and seismic Zone-4 anchoring capability.
fax 512-836-4511
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Digital FM exciter

Aquila Broadcasting Sets

The fully digital FM exciter combines the DSP technology for modulating signal processing and DDS for generating the FM modulated signal. The final frequency in the range 87.5MHz to 108MHz is achieved with one up-conversion. The numerous inputs accept all possible modulating signals, i.e. mono, separate L and R, AES/EBU digital stream and RDS/SCA subsidiary transmission. A micro-controller continuously monitors the operating status of the exciter including the RF power output amplifier. The user interface comprises an easy-to-use menu on LCD, RS232 port and a PS2-PC keyboard connector for external control of the operating status. The same keyboard interface can be used for the internal RDS encoder programming. The exciter is provided with adequate hardware and optional firmware, enabling it to be used as a reserved exciter for N+1 system with up to six programmable frequencies and output levels.
39 0863 995150
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Rack-mount mixer


This compact and versatile rack-mount monitor mixer provides desktop quality mixing performance in control applications and fixed installation systems. Housed in a 10 rack-space package,the mixer can provide as many as 12 independent mono mixes, or as many as six stereo mixes for stereo in-ear monitoring systems. The mixer takes up minimal space in a sound control booth, and is small enough to travel as carry-on luggage with musicians who take their own self contained in-ear system with them on the road. Highly versatile, it can be used as a mono/stereo matrix mixer with 12 mono and four stereo mic/line input channels, all with mic preamps and individual 48V phantom power switches. The unit includes a 20 input microphone splitter system with ground-lift switches on each input channel. In addition to 12 mix bus outputs with high pass filters, insert system and balanced XLR outputs, this product features four band equalization with high-mid and low-mid sweep EQ along with -18dB per octave high-pass filters on all input channels.
fax 201-909-8744

A/D-D/A converter


The new AD/DA converter works in tandem with the Impact Digital Audio Matrix and also works as a stand-alone converter. One rack unit can convert 12 analog inputs to 12 digital outputs simultaneously. It can be used as an auxiliary unit with Impact to allow the connection of analog and digital circuits in current equipment at radio and sound recording studios and central control rooms.
fax 954-581-7733
[email protected]

Software application

StudioNetwork Solutions

This multi-platform software allows workstations with different operating systems to concurrently access information from a Storage Area Network. With this software, users now can upgrade to the latest OS or add Windows workstations to their Mac environment. In addition, this product is easy to implement and maintain because it does not require a server or Ethernet connection. The Mac and Windows versions of this software share a common user interface, so it is simple to use on either platform. Some features found in this product are the ability to easily configure and manage the storage network, set access privileges at the user level, and share and access audio and graphics files from a centralized storage location. Another benefit is the ability to integrate Mac OS and Windows workstations, regardless of whether the systems are running Nuendo, Sonic HD, Final Cut Pro, Pyramix, Avid or Protools.
877 537 2094
fax 314 423 4867

Audio replay system

AMEK Systems & Controls

Trigger is a flexible and powerful system for radio, live theatre, corporate events, theme parks and visitor attractions. The system provides easy-to-use instant play facilities, allowing sound effects, music segments and voiceovers to be simply and effectively managed from a single system. This device offers the convenience of being able to record, edit, assign and replay audio segments from within a single-screen display. Mono and stereo audio segments can be assigned across as many as four stereo outputs, with segments sequenced as four playlists, or triggered individually by the 32 instant-play Trigger keys. Specific segments can be programmed for triggering by external switching including contestants’ and presenters’ buttons, and console fader-starts with Trigger also able to generate or respond to MIDI commands and LTC information for synchronizing audio play-outs to other events and equipment, such as studio lighting. The disk-based system is supplied with an internal hard drive capable of storing 58 track/hours of audio, plus a choice of removable-media drives including DVD-RAM, MO and Zip.
+44 1618 346747
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DAW controller

Control Universal

This control surface combines the functionality and compatibility of Mackie Control Emagic Logic Control and Mackie’s HUI protocol into one universal controller. The controller features full implementation for Emagic’s Logic Audio as well as the entire family of DAW software currently supporting the Mackie Control including: Digidesign Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar, Magix Samplitude and Sequoia, MOTU Digital Performer, RML Labs Saw Studio, Steinberg Cubase SX/SL and Nuendo, Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro and APB Tools TH-S software. The design features eight channel strips each with 100mm Penny+ Giles optical touch fader and V-Pot for fast tweaking of effects and plug-ins. Also included is a full-sized backlit LCD, and shortcut navigation and editing for all major software functions. The stock silk screen will now correspond to Logic Audio functions, while software-specific master section overlays will continue to be available to customize the unit to other supporting DAWs.
fax 425-487-4337
[email protected]

Power distribution unit

Pulizzi Engineering
T982 series

This multiple configuration power distribution unit with current monitoring allows for maximum flexibility in its configuration options. The model has six easy-to-configure options, not including the mounting options. This allows the user to customize the design to meet their needs. The PDU is 1U high, 7″ deep and is 19″ rack mount. The rugged construction is all steel with a black finish. The unit features detachable mounting brackets that allow for front flush, recessed, center mount or rear mount. The brackets can also be replaced with vertical mounting brackets or an optional cable restraint/management system. The unit has circuit breaker protection and surge suppression included as standard. There are a total of 12 NEMA style receptacles on the unit to distribute power to many devices.
fax 714-641-9062
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates

Harris Ships DAX 5/6
The DAX transmitters are lower-power transmitters that have been designed specifically for digital transmission, but are also suited for analog use. The DAX AM uses a new modulation technique called Digital Adaptive Modulation, which can reduce antenna load-induced distortion, resulting in a cleaner analog signal and extended coverage in digital modes, such as IBOC and DRM.

Digigram Adds Codec Upgrade
An optional MP3 codec is available for the company’s PCX and LCM card range. PC Codec MP3 improves the performance of MP3 playback using Digigram PCX/LCM cards by adding the ability to directly record in the MP3 format and increase the number of MP3 files played simultaneously.

Telos Releases Profiler Version 2.0
Version 2.0 of the company’s logging software features multiple simultaneous program streams support, the ability to record simultaneous mono streams using a single stereo audio card, multiple simultaneous bit-rate recordings for short- and long-term storage, an integrated logging scheduler, expanded GPI/O support, and an integrated recorder and server application.

Audioscience Adds MP3 Low Sample Rate Support
Audioscience has added low sample-rate format (LSF) MP3 support to its range of ASI6000 audio adapters. The LSF formats support MP3 encoding and decoding at sample rates of 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.050 and 24kHz and bit rates of 8kb/s to 160kb/s. All signal processing is done on the adapter’s DSP, reducing dependence on the host PC processor.