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Product Peeks

Product Peeks

Sep 1, 2009 12:59 PM

Audemat Script Easy
Facility control software
Scripteasy software suite is a user-friendly application installed on a computer connected to Audemat remote control units (IP2 Choice, Remote Control Silver or remote control option for the Goldeneagle FM, AM, TV, HD, DVB) and ready for setup. The intuitive GUI interface, consisting of the creator and the master view modules, supports easy development and allows real time status display and management.

ERI-Electronics Research HJ4-50, HJ5-50, HJ9-50
Heliax connectors
ERI expands its line of air Heliax coaxial cable connectors with the introduction of an HJ4-50 (1/2″ cable) to 7/8″ EIA connector, HJ5-50 (7/8″ cable) to 7/8″ EIA connector, and HJ9-50 (5″ cable to 6″ EIA connector. With these additions, ERI now offers the full range of broadcast connectors for Heliax air-dielectric coaxial cable. ERI maintains a 30,000-square-foot stock area housing an inventory of standard components and accessories for coaxial cable and rigid transmission line systems. In cases of emergency, these items can generally be ordered for next day delivery to any transmission facility within the United States.

Inovonics Model 703 INOmini
RDS/RBDS Encoder
Inovonics’ 703 is the newest mini encoder and the first in its line of cost-effective INOmini products. This is a quick way to an RDS/RBDS presence, with easy USB programming using the supplied Windows software. A station’s data goes into non-volatile memory, and the unit may then be re-installed at the transmitter site. The 703 will identify a station by format, display a station’s street name, and continuously transmit station promos or advertising message to your listeners.

Pulsecom PCAU-Suite
Monoblock STL
More than 7,300 Pulsecom PCAUs have been deployed in telco-based STL applications. The new PCAU-Suite makes PCAU technology available directly to broadcasters. Beyond audio and data capabilities (RS-232, UDP/IP and TCP/IP) offered by conventional STLs, the PCAU-Suite integrates enhanced Apt-x algorithm from Audio Processing Technology for cascade-resilient IBOC, FM and AM STL and TSL links.