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Radio Broadcasters Learn Digital Strategies

The DSX4r is a one-day workshop that focuses on the new technologies affecting radio broadcasting

LAS VEGAS�The Digital Strategies Exchange for Radio (DSX4r), sponsored by NAB Labs and Nielsen as part of the Broadcast Management Conference, is a one-day workshop that focuses on the new technologies affecting radio broadcasting.

Organized by Skip Pizzi, senior director, New Media Technologies at NAB, the workshop includes topics ranging from sales, to the digital dash and NextRadio, and features the New Idea Showcase.

�DSX4r is a great one-stop opportunity for radio managers and staff to get up to speed on the latest about emerging technologies affecting radio broadcasting,� said Pizzi. �We�ve programmed the workshop with the busy local broadcaster in mind, providing news they can use about how today�s audiences are using their radios alongside other media, and how radio stations can leverage new platforms to enhance their core services.�

�Opening Remarks� by Skip Pizzi begin at 10:30 a.m., followed by eight sessions including �The Journalists Panel� where trade and mainstream tech journalists will discuss their points of view on the radio broadcast environment. Presenting are Rob Pegoraro, USA Today and Yahoo Tech Technology Columnist; Jeff Simpson, board member, DMC-Bonneville; and Paul McLane, Radio World U.S. editor in chief.

Roger Lanctot, associate director at Strategy Analytics, will present ��Dude, Where�s My Radio?� � The Future of Connected Car Content Consumption.� This presentation includes the latest offerings in the in-vehicle infotainment space, including Google and Apple. It also includes a discussion on the impact on terrestrial radio�s place in the digital dash, and some recommendations for connecting with listeners in cars in the future.

The �NextRadio Update� will offer a view of what�s next for the U.S. hybrid-radio marketplace, presented by Paul Brenner, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Emmis Communications.

Attendees will learn strategies to engage and retain mobile users in the session�Maximizing Mobile,� presented by Mark Weidel, general manager, DBC Interactive.

There will be a Learning Lunch at 1:00 PM, named �Killer Content,� where the hungry attendees will be able to learn about developing and implementing multiplatform digital content. Justin Chase, vice president, Programming, Beasley Broadcast Group; Adam Wiener, senior vice president, Content, Community and Operations, CBS Local; and Michael Gay, vice president � Interactive Media, Journal Broadcast Group; will present the Learning Lunch.

In the session �On-Air + Online Audience Metrics,� Jeff Wender, senior vice president, Digital at Nielsen will offer the latest from Nielsen on converged audience measurement.

Lisa V. Phillips, director of sales Connoisseur Media, will present �Integrated Radio Advertising: Creating a Win-Win!� Phillips will offer specific examples of integrated programs that work, keeping the station�s clients on air and happy.

In the session �New Idea Showcase� presenters will discuss new-tech offerings for the radio broadcasters of today.

Participating in the discussion are Ayinde Alakoye, chief executive officer and founder Hitch Radio; Bill Blummer, senior vice president, KeeK; by Bob Valinski, director of sales, North America at Orad Inc.; and Dan Morrison, vice president, Strategy & Marketing at Reacht.