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Radio Hall Captivates Crowd

Radio- and audio-related products can be found in many corners of the NAB Show exhibit floor but the preponderance are in a dedicated section of the Central Hall

LAS VEGAS�Radio- and audio-related products can be found in many corners of the NAB Show exhibit floor but the preponderance are in a dedicated section of the Central Hall. On Monday morning, traffic on the show floor in that area was intense.

Duncan Smith, general manager of United Kingdom-based Broadcast Bionics, says the company comes to NAB Show to help consolidate its image in the United States. �For us it�s about recognition, image and creating an overall positive broad perception,� said Smith. �We also use the event to talk to our strategic partners here, such as the Telos Alliance.� Broadcast Bionics is highlighting the Virtual Director visualization system for radio.

Good audio starts with the microphone, and audiophiles seemed interested in a new Audio-Technica large-diaphragm dynamic broadcast mic, the BP40. A-T is telling visitors about its �rich, natural, condenser-like sound� in a mic that has an estimated street price of $349.

Nautel is looking far down the digital radio highway with a product called HD Multiplex. It has developed technology that it says would allow the efficient transmission of up to nine streams or channels in 400 kHz or 15 in 600 kHz. It leverages iBiquity�s HD Radio technol- ogy and Nautel�s HD PowerBoost to multiplex multiple digital channels and is compatible with HD Radio Receivers and coexist with existing analog and digital HD Radio stations.

�We present this technology to foster discussion, and certainly the regulatory situation in each jurisdiction would need to assess the applicability of the technology,� Nautel�s John Whyte said.

DEVA Broadcast was busy on Monday morning. It is highlighting its new analog FM/ HD Radio audio monitor, the DB3011; its features include RDS/RBDS decoder, PAD and metadata display, AAC, AAC+, MP3, RTP, PCM audio decoding, selectable 50/75 �s de-emphasis, email/GPO/SNMP alarms and a variety of measurement and logging criteria. It has built-in Web and FTP servers and is compatible with Shoutcast and Icecast servers.

Also attracting attendee attention are expanded products for streaming, such as those offered by Inovonics. Its SIMON 614 monitors up to four separate Internet radio streams simultaneously. On Monday Inovonics was telling visitors about the unit�s Web interface that displays audio�levels and essential metadata, and its support for email/SMS alarm messaging/logging and SNMP.

AES67 is a topic of active discus- sion among many exhibitors; Digigram is offering a demo of its LX-IP Ravenna sound card, which enables radio automation systems to connect to IP mixing consoles. It is also touting its Digigram ACIP codecs, which can now connect directly to an AES67 network.

Philippe Delacroix, president and CEO of Digigram, said the French company sees NAB Show as a way to improve the firm�s footprint in the United States, among other markets. �We are intensifying our presence here, particularly as regards AoIP products, and we have had a great start for the first day,� he said. �We have a good placement and a lot of visitors thus far.�

Likely to raise some eyebrows is an exhibit from Kintronic Labs, the Kintronic Ad- vanced Receiver, described as a state-of-the-art AM stereo receiver prototype that incorporates modern digital signal processing. Kintronic�s leadership has been active in the national discussion about AM revitalization.

BW Broadcast, too, had quite a crowd in its�booth. The company is showcasing its TR300 V2 FM translator, TX2500 V2 transmitters and demonstrating its Encore product range.

The firm�s CEO Scott Incz said one major goal is to strengthen its distributor relations. �It�s all about the dealer relations. Most of the people in the industry come to the show, and so we need to be present, keep relationships thriving with our dealers, and strengthen our position. Face-to-face relationships make a real difference,� he said.