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SBE Now Accepting Mentorship Program Applications

Those interested in either mentoring or being a mentee must submit form by Aug. 31

INDIANAPOLIS � Personal on-the-job experience is invaluable, but so is learning from the wisdom of others. The Society of Broadcast Engineers is launching a new mentorship program, intended to match engineers new to the field with a more experienced counterpart.

According to the SBE website, the program offers opportunities for both the mentor and mentee: �For the seasoned mentor, it’s a chance to give something back. For the freshman mentee, it’s an ideal way to gain inside knowledge and understanding that can sometime take years to accumulate.� In addition to these intrinsic and unquantifiable benefits, participation may qualify for SBE recertification credits.�

In order to participate, both mentor and mentee must be current SBE members and also employed in the field of broadcast engineering; mentors must have worked in the field for at least five years, while potential mentors must have less experience or have recently taken on a new role.�

Also, mentees need to have

  • Desire to grow and excel in your career
  • Positive attitude toward the profession and learning
  • Open to constructive feedback

On the other hand, mentors should:

  • Desire to help others grow and excel in their careers
  • Positive attitude toward the profession and learning

The partnership will last for one year beginning Oct. 1. Mentors and mentees can establish a schedule that works best, but the society requires a biweekly phone call at minimum. Additionally, the SBE will attempt to match mentors and mentees based on location, but it is a not a given.

Theapplication formis used for both potential mentors and mentees to apply. Applications must be submitted by Aug. 31.

Those with questions should contact Kristin Owens via email or by phone at (317) 846-9000.