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SBE Tells Members: “Don’t Be Part of the Problem. Be Part of the Solution.”

Advisory Group has shared tips and best practices for EAS security

INDIANAPOLIS � The Society of Broadcast Engineer�s EAS Advisory Group has shared tips and best practices for emergency alerting system security in a note recently published on the society�s website.

The group makes clear that many cyber attacks are preventable. According to the post, �Broadcasters are a low-hanging fruit for internet mischief-makers and cybercriminals.�

Engineers and other radio station employees are urged to:

  • Know what is connected to the network and the internet: at the office, studio, transmitter site, and remotes.�
  • Put everything behind a firewall.
  • Change default passwords and usernames, and install software upgrades or patches regularly.
  • Consider adding a virtual private network for extra security.
  • Use common sense � be careful when opening attachments or downloading content from websites. Consider adding email security, Web gateway security and URL filtering.

In addition to these more technical steps, the advisory group warns that employees may need retraining in basic cybersecurity practices. Also helpful is paying attention to how other broadcasters are handling hacking threats, perhaps via online forums or listservs. It�s also worth considering hiring an IT security consultant to conduct a risk assessment or set up network or IT security solutions.�

Ultimately, the group says broadcast cybersecurity boils down to this: �Don�t be part of the problem. Be part of the solution.�

Read the full post here.

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