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Side by Side: Budget Mics for Remotes

Side by Side: Budget Mics for Remotes

May 1, 2012 1:00 AM

Heil Sound
e 835
Freq. Resp.90Hz – 16kHz50Hz – 16kHz50Hz – 18kHz75Hz – 18kHz40Hz – 16kHzSensitivity-55dB-55dB-55dB-56dB-51dBOutput Impedance300O250O600O320O350OOn/Off SwitchNon OM2-SNon M1-Son e 835SFeaturesNeodymium magnetsVery low mass diaphragmNeodymium magnetsNeodymium magnetsNeodymium magnetsScreenMulti-stage grillSteel wire meshStainless meshSteel meshRefined steelPatternCardioidHypercardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidDimensions6.69″ x 2.11″6.9″ x 2.08″7.24″ x 1.65″6.7″ x 2″7.1″ x 1.9″Weight8.2 oz.10.8 oz.14 oz.12.7 oz.11.6 oz.Accessoriesmic clip, 5/8″-27 to 3/8″-16 adapter, pouchmic clip, pouchFoam windscreen, mic clip, pouchmic clip, pouchmic clip, pouchOther ModelsAT8004, AT8004LOM3, OM5PR20, PR22M2e 815S, 3825S, e 840SList$139$133$99$153$

Remotes are radio’s original social networking tool. Because the station is out in the public, there are lots of unforeseen situations, so the equipment needs to be durable. But because it’s used in the field, budget-minded options are key. The first item in the remote audio chain: the microphone.

Look at a typical radio remote and you’ll see a few regular mic choices: The Shure SM58 and Electro-Voice 635. These two mics (a cardioid and an omnidirectional respectively) typify the two pickup patterns. The omni is good for less experienced mic users or in cases where more than one person may use the mic (such as an interview). But the cardioid pattern helps eliminate some background noise, which can help in noisy situations.

A variation on the 635 is the RE50, which is essentially a 635 with a shock-mount housing. The E-V versions are also available with neodymium magnets for higher output. The Shure Beta 58A is another popular choice.

While the legacy performers are an easy go-to choice, we looked to see what else is available for a list price of about $150 or less. We stuck with dynamic mics for our comparison.


May 2012

Inside Dial Global’s radio network, audio production from the field, prior coordination for STLs, a Field Report on the IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R and budget mics for remotes….