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The 2005 Radio Show Product Preview

The 2005 Radio Show Product Preview

Sep 1, 2005 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

Audio router controller
Booth 311
Wheatnet 4864:
The new central switch for all Bridge routing systems, this controller offers 48 ports with each supporting 128 channels of audio inputs and outputs plus control data. Two 4864 units will provide complete autofailover redundancy for the Bridge system while simplifying configuration, installation and future expansion of all Bridge systems. Onboard X-Y controllers provide rackroom source and destination control, and operators have access to all crosspoint metering and monitoring.
fax 252-637-1285
[email protected]

Digital console surface
Booth 110
A control surface for the Logitek Audio Engine digital router, the Mosaic can be configured for a range of two to 24 faders with several control and softkey capabilities. This console provides multiple, full-color LCD screens that can display clocks, meters, timers, delay information, text or graphics; single-button access to multiple functions; timer controls; extensive GPI/GPO control; and display of 16-character source names, which can eliminate confusing abbreviations.
fax 713-664-4479
[email protected]

Audio codec
Booth 508
BRIC technology enables broadcasters to use a variety of commonly available Internet access points to broadcast real-time audio. The codec is capable of using widely available wired circuits such as DSL, cable, POTS and frame relay as well as wireless circuits such as Wi-fi, 1XRTT, Edge and 3G data networks. The codec is available as a rack-mount and portable unit. Capable of providing voice quality connections over IP connections, the codec also provides a stereo mode that offers optimized performance when used on managed data networks.
fax 978-784-1717
[email protected]

Transmission line monitor
Booth 409
RF Scout:
The RF Scout monitors transmission lines for VSWR, pressure and over-powering. Directional couplers measure forward and reflected power. Data is available on remote terminals via RS-232 or Ethernet interfaces. It can also provide real-time Web-based transmitter metrics. All data can be stored for one year.
fax 207-655-7120
[email protected]

Digital recorder
Booth 216
Designed for broadcast journalism fieldwork, this recorder captures sound through the built-in mic, external mic or line input. An AGC circuit can be enabled on the record input. Audio can be saved to the built-in internal memory or to a Smart Media card. The unit uses the same batteries as a Nokia cellular phone. The unit records at two sampling rates (32kHz or 48kHz) and in three file formats (Layer II, Layer II and G.723). Layer II files can be edited directly on the unit. Files can be transferred via USB or the built-in modem. The recorder includes an FM radio with 20 presets.
fax 954-581-7733
[email protected]

Cell phone codec
ATA Audio
Booth 702
Scoop-EZ Tri-band GSM:
The new module now includes the 900MHz to 1.9GHz bands. This allows the unit to be used in the Americas, Europe and Asia without the worry of which GSM module is needed. Users insert a GSM SIM card into the module and dial back to the studio. The module will auto detect the band and service that is available.
fax 973-659-9555
[email protected]

Feature enhancment
Danagger Audio Works
Booth 112
Plan B Deluxe upgrade:
New software features make the Plan B Deluxe capable of local insertions, automatic bypassing and other automated functions. The existing system can be programmed to play user-defined replacement audio when silence is detected on the main program feed. Users can add control elements to a backup playlist to execute commands such as halt playback, bypass silence detection and close relay n. Combined with the system’s ability to start playback from an external closure or at a specific time of day, the unit can insert local programming during a network break and rejoin the network after the break.
fax 250-763-2902
[email protected]

RBDS, HD Radio PAD interface
OMT Technologies
Booth 707
The Imediadatacast Module for Imediatouch automation allows a station to send full artist and title information to RBDS and HD Radio encoders. The interface allows Imediatouch users to provide listeners with expanded “now playing” information and customized radio promotion data on FM Radios supporting RBDS encoding.
fax 204-783-5805
[email protected]

Audio switcher
Audioarts Engineering
Booth 311
Input/Output Center:
This audio routing and switching system switches 16×16 stereo signals per switcher. Inputs and outputs can be a combination of analog or digital signals, and it combines 24 logic ports with multiple I/O centers, which may be linked together though AE Net to build a 256×256 mixed signal matrix. The Audioarts I/O Center works with AE Net and Net 75 panels.
252-638-7000; fax 252-637-1285
[email protected]

Multichannel radio processor
Linear Acoustic
Booth 206
This processor incorporates programmable audio processing for a station’s analog and digital FM signal paths, in addition to providing separate multiband processing for two supplementary audio channels. The unit also provides 5.1-channel surround-sound encoding via built-in SRS Labs Circle Surround technology. The unit’s front-panel display features a spectrum analyzer and a digital oscilloscope display.
fax 717-735-3612
[email protected]

HD Radio transmitter
Continental Electronics
Booth 513
Building on the 816R series, the 816HD is capable of amplifying HD Radio signals. Currently available in power levels up to 35kW, the transmitter uses the same overall design as the 816R-C series transmitter, except for a 4CX20000E tube final. Additional components are upgraded for the linear amplification, including a linear driver stage. The transmitter efficiency is about 65 percent. Existing 816R-C series transmitters can be upgraded to 816HD operation.
fax 214-381-3250
[email protected]

File transfer service
Booth 304
Connected Radio:
This service lets stations transfer audio, events, logs and text between multiple stations, remotes and program originators. The station provides a PC with Internet access at each site and Arrakis does the rest. Files can be transferred by dragging and dropping. The service provides the functions and links for the user. Once files are received, they can automatically be routed to the appropriate destination, regardless of the software or automation system.
fax 970-663-1010
[email protected]

Expansion series
Burk Technology
Booth 502
G-Link G-Bus:
The G-Link G-Bus Expansion Series offers a new approach to remote control based on the GSC3000 system. By adding G-Link to a GSC3000 system, users can monitor facility conditions with plug-and-play convenience. G-Link units on display include the models AC-4 and AC-8 power strip controllers for remote management of 120V inputs such as HVAC, lighting and computers. G-Link emphasizes economies of scale by integrating all remote facility monitoring on a single platform and using the same software and Web-based interfaces as the GSC3000.
fax 978-486-0081
[email protected]

SPS-capable radio
Booth 303
This transportable HD Radio receiver can handle any number of multicast streams along with existing HD Radio and analog signals. The removable receiving unit measures less than 6″ x 4″ and the complete radio is less than 16″ x 7″. When broadcasters add a second digital stream, the receiver will allow listeners to receive the additional programming.
fax 612-435-3380
[email protected]

Modular DA and processor
Booth 819
This modular, rack-mount system accepts a variety of modules to fit particular needs. Distribution amplifiers in a variety of I/O configurations, line amplifiers, mic preamplifiers, metered distribution amps, metered line amps and a compressor/DA are available. The rack unit holds 10 modules and two power supplies. Each plug-in module is supplied with its own applicable connector assembly. The system features headphone jacks on all modules to allow a quick signal check.
fax 856-719-9903
[email protected]

Cobranet interface
Audio Science
Booth 118
A modular 1RU Cobranet interface, this interface can be populated with four function-specific modules, allowing as many as 32 channels of analog or AES3 I/O and 64 relay-based GPIO outputs and 64 opto-isolated inputs. Each module features an interchangeable connector portion that may be configured with a pluggable terminal block, Studiohub or a standard 50-pin Centronics connector interface compatible with Audio Science’s sound cards. The ASI2416 base unit features 16 channels of Cobranet I/O and a Texas Instruments 32-bit floating point DSP that allows switching/mixing and broadcast-specific features such as tone decoding. A graphics display on the unit’s front panel displays peak meters and network status. This device may be operated in a tethered mode, whereby it is connected directly to an ASI6416 Cobranet sound card with an Ethernet crossover cable.
fax 302-738-9434
[email protected]

Audio, data studio system
Broadcast Electronics
Booth 319
Audiovault, Sonixtream integration:
This studio system integrates text and audio for on-air audio, over-the-Internet, HD Radio and RBDS data activities. The integration eliminates the redundant effort to provide the data across the various media. The system integrates the Audiovault version 9.0 digital audio system with the Sonixtream streaming media management software and Now Playing software that generates song title, artist, and other text for display on FM RBDS and HD Radio tuners.
fax 217-224-9607
[email protected]

IBOC monitor
Booth 116
Goldeneagle HD:
This equipment monitors the quality and continuity of HD Radio and FM signals as well as PAD and RBDS data. An embedded spectrum analyzer is available as an option to monitor the power of the sidebands and other parameters. The monitor features an embedded Web server and SMTP server for alarm notification as well as a touchpad on the front panel. When installed at the transmitter site it can also be used as a remote control unit by adding 16 digital inputs, 16 metering channels and 16 relay outputs.
fax 305-249-3113
[email protected]

Digital on-air console
Klotz Digital
Booth 813
Measuring about 1″ thick, the Aeon features a modular control surface that allows flexible console layouts and studio set up. The console offers graphic configuration software that allows individual users to configure the system to fit their requirements. This surface is available in 8-, 12- and 16-fader configurations. Each four-fader module is in its own housing. Each channel strip is equipped with a 100mm fader and a clear alphanumeric display with 16 digits in two lines, as well as large on and off buttons and free assignable routing keys and status indication LEDs. The Monitor-DSP-Master Control module offers access to DSP functions via rotary encoders and large displays. It comprises central bus assignment, 20 assignable push-buttons for monitor sources and 10 assignable function buttons.
fax 678-966-9903
[email protected]

Automation system
OMT Technologies
Booth 707
Imediatouch 2.6:
This version has new features. The Non-Stop Broadcasting Auto-Failover hardware safeguard covers the station when there is a server problem. The update also includes improved satellite show recording for delayed playback, auto trim to fine-tune recordings quickly, auto resume to start the backup machine where the main server left off, a project editor to create shows from multiple cuts, expanded Cart Chunk Tag support and new production features. In addition, the on-screen display has been updated with a new look.
fax 204-783-5805
[email protected]

Virtual Newsroom
Burli Software
Booth 120
Virtual newsroom:
This application links workstations across the world to facilitate sharing of information. To send a story or file to a different location, a user clicks on the story and drags and drops it onto the name of the remote location. Users can search of a remote bureau, read assignments from home or remote locations and grab clips from the archive remotely. Replication can automatically share data with connected newsrooms without manual intervention, which allows multiple locations to be set up on a mini-network.
fax 604-684-4160
[email protected]

Station monitoring
Booth 106
HD Radio Monitor:
This 2RU monitor decodes and analyzes AM and FM IBOC signals. The frequency-agile front end can accept signals off the air or through a high-level input for use at the transmitter. The graphic display shows the measured results of the signal and will include basic spectrum analysis. Level metering is displayed as horizontal bar graphs in percent with a user-selectable dBFS level used as the reference. Capability to display SIS data, quality of service information, MPS data and bit-error data are standard. An RS-232 serial and RJ-45 Ethernet connection are included.
fax 610-687-2686
[email protected]

Solid-state FM transmitters
Armstrong Transmitter
Booth 402
FM Series B:
The 4kW to 20kW solid-state FM transmitters are comprised of self-contained 2kW solid-state amplifiers with redundant power supplies (three per amplifier) and complete status for individual amplifiers. The transmitters feature VSWR foldback and protection, optional CD-quality exciter and remote control capability. The transmitters are compatible with HD Radio. Each transmitter stands 22.25″ W x 33″ D. The 4kW and 6kW models stand 48″ tall. The 8kW and 10kW models stand 76″ tall.
fax 315-673-9972
[email protected]

Audio over IP manager
Booth 519
Able to send multiple services over one IP connection while allowing an operator to control and monitor the entire operation from a central area, the system is able to transmit multiple audio streams in multiple formats, LAN data and BX/PABX telephone communications. This unit provides a high-speed bus to enable features, and a multi-channel E1/T-1 bus that integrates with existing Intraplex E1/T-1 modules to provide a gradual transition to an IP infrastructure. Individual channel modules can be turned on or off during any application using a Web browser or SNMP network manager.
fax 513-459-3890
[email protected]

Prophet Systems Innovations
Booth 619
This audio logging and digital archiving program allows the user to retain as much of the station’s audio as needed using compressed or non-compressed audio formats. The logger is expandable, allowing recording from one to 16 sources simultaneously (mono or stereo) when used with the ASI8702 tuner card. Audio can be stored at multiple bit-rates per recording channel. Recording lengths and times are user-configurable, and the unit can be configured to work with most analog or digital audio sources, including automation systems, satellite receivers and switchers. VU metering allows the user to monitor the current status of the recording.
fax 308-284-4181
[email protected]

Audio codec/mixer
Musicam USA
Booth 200
Based on the Netstar IP and ISDN digital audio codec, this product is housed in a compact, portable enclosure with protective elements for controls, cables and connectors. Each input can be switched for mic, line or unbalanced operation. The codec can send and receive via IP and ISDN
fax 732-739-1818
[email protected]

T1 and IP codec
Audio Processing Technology
Booth 208
Worldnet Oslo Updates:
New options for the Worldnet Oslo have been added for increased flexibility. An IP transport is now available in addition to the existing E1/T-1 connection options. The Ethernet interface can also be used for WAN/LAN data transfer. Also, a quad encoder and decoder module that offers four simplex channels per card has been added. Using a quad simplex card along with a duplex stereo card will provide a 5.1 transport method.
fax 323-463-8878
[email protected]

Digital watt meters
Coaxial Dynamics
Booth 302
Digital Wattchman:
This rack-mounted station monitor/alarm is similar in function and appearance to the company’s 81090 series except that it is designed to measure complex RF waveforms. It will also function well with analog AM and FM signals. A digital station monitor/alarm system installation consists of a Digital Wattchman, a dual-socket line section and two digital broadcast plug-in elements for monitoring both forward and reflected power. The Digital Wattchman is supplied with four 25′ cable assemblies for connection to the line section and elements, and a 6′ ac power cord. Installation requires inserting the line section and elements into the transmission line, connecting the terminals of the transmitter interlock systems to the proper terminals on the Digital Wattchman and providing ac power.

fax 440-243-1101
[email protected]

Show Floor Hours

Sept. 21Sept. 22Sept. 235 p.m. to 8 p.m. 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The opening reception will be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the show floor on Sept. 21. An exhibit hall lunch will be held from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 22.