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The Trade Desk Adds Audio to “Omnichannel” Offerings

Announces new integration with Trition Digital’s a2x ad exchange, AdsWizz and Spotify

VENTURA, Calif. � Advertising platform The Trade Desk has announced it is now including programmatic audio as part of its �omnichannel� offerings through a new integration with Triton Digital�s a2x ad exchange, AdsWizz and Spotify.

The Trade Desk provides a self-service platform that enables ad buyers to manage data-driven digital ad campaigns, and these new deals enable clients to �add online audio from broadcasters and streaming music services to programmatic, omnichannel buys alongside video, TV, mobile, social, email and display� advertising, according to the release.

Music genres and playlist categories allow marketers to tailor messages to Spotify listeners, while Triton Digital and AdsWizz offer buyers scale across various inventory partners.�

�With its tremendous reach and ability to connect audience and brands in a personal and meaningful way, audio is an incredibly powerful and effective channel for our clients,� The Trade Desk VP of Inventory Partnerships Tim Sims said in the announcement.�

The Trade Desk is a privately held, demand-side advertising platform founded in 2009, according to its LinkedIn company page. The Trade Desk is based in Ventura, Calif., with other offices throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.�

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